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  • Resiliency

    In the Guideposts booklet, "Resiliency," author Ken Sampson offers 31 ways to build resilience.  Resilience, as you know, is the ability to bounce back.  It's about gaining and maintaining the strength, coping skills, and resources to continue a healthy, forward moving life.  Here are some threads

  • Your Moral Compass

    How would you define character?  One of Webster's definitions on character is "the group of qualities that make a person, group, or thing different from others".  I ask the question because the other day during Mass, my parish Priest was taking about character and he mention two Presidents from the

  • Offering Life

    The death of Robin Williams sparked a new discussion of suicide within our popular culture.  Since suicide awareness is an ongoing conversation in our military culture, I offer these current thoughts as a refresher of our dialogue.Our suicide awareness often focuses on signs and symptoms, along with

  • Managing Workplace Rumors

    Who hasn't been the victim of a baseless rumor? If you haven't, then it is likely just a matter of time before you are. It is unfortunately human nature to adore a "juicy story", regardless of the truth or the reality. And part of the enjoyment of the story, sadly, is to spread it.  The problem with

  • Commander's Comments

    As both my tour as Joint Base Cape Cod Executive Director and Commander of the Massachusetts Air National Guard come to an end, I wanted to thank the men and women of the 102nd Intelligence Wing for their hospitality, and for "setting the bar high" for the rest of the Massachusetts National Guard. 

  • September is Suicide Prevention Month

    Suicide prevention is one of the DoD's top priorities. Observation of Suicide Prevention Month provides an opportunity to demonstrate our collective resolve to combat this problem and promote steps to increase knowledge and foster understanding of suicide prevention and enhance help-seeking and

  • 2013 Annual Water Quality Report

    We are once again proud to present our annual water quality report covering all testing performed between January 1 and December 31,2013. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to producing drinking water that meets all state and federal standards. We continually strive to adopt new methods

  • The 102nd IW Commander's Environmental Commitment Statement

    The 102IW is committed to conducting its missions in an environmentally responsible manner. Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) awareness is an important measure of wing performance. In keeping with this policy, our vision is to reduce waste through pollution prevention,

  • The Winds of Change

    Do you hear that? It's the Winds of Change ... I'm borrowing that line from Monsters Inc. , and other movies, because we are faced with yet another mission change here at old Otis Air National Guard Base. With the recent announcements of the "divesting", a bureaucratic word for cutting, of the

  • Sorrow & Support

    We have had a lot of sorrow, grief, and loss in our Wing Family lately. When this happens people ask about the best way to be supportive. Here are some lessons I've learned about helping those who grieve. They previously appeared in, "Ministry in the Valley of the Shadow," Minister Magazine, Volume