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  • The Winds of Change

    Do you hear that? It's the Winds of Change ... I'm borrowing that line from Monsters Inc. , and other movies, because we are faced with yet another mission change here at old Otis Air National Guard Base. With the recent announcements of the "divesting", a bureaucratic word for cutting, of the

  • Sorrow & Support

    We have had a lot of sorrow, grief, and loss in our Wing Family lately. When this happens people ask about the best way to be supportive. Here are some lessons I've learned about helping those who grieve. They previously appeared in, "Ministry in the Valley of the Shadow," Minister Magazine, Volume

  • Back to the Future

    By the end of the year, major coalition combat forces will redeploy from Afghanistan, closing a chapter in the "Long War" against terrorism. While 10,000 special operators and training advisors will likely remain, the shift away from ground-intensive counter-insurgency operations will drive a

  • Purpose

    Michael Christiano was a court officer in New York City. That was his job. But his purpose was delivering validation of humanity and kindness in the form of sandwiches for homeless people. Starting in the mid-1970s, Christiano made extra sandwiches (eventually hundreds of them) as he prepared his

  • Take the First Step

    I am honored to pen the first Commander's Comments article of 2014. What more appropriate topic for this article than the subject of resolutions? What is a resolution? Answer: A goal you set for yourself and abandon in a few weeks. So this year, don't make a resolution, instead, set goals and take

  • Chaplain (Lt. Col.) David Berube: "Relationships"

    A long time ago I ran across a gem of wisdom regarding the power of relationships. I don't remember where I heard or read about it, but it has stuck with me for over twenty years. It was simply stated: People don't commit to programs. People commit to people. In other words, because we humans are

  • Col. James LeFavor: Roll with the Changes

    We hear a lot of talk from higher levels these days about being resilient in the Air Force. There is a good reason for that....the higher levels tend to know how bad things are going to become. I have always held the belief that being resilient is fairly common sense. You get knocked down, and then

  • Success

    I've been thinking lately about what it is that makes for success in human activity. What is it that is common to groups that have a positive impact on their world and contribute to making it safer, healthier, and more positive? Human groups are complex, of course, because humans are complex. Each

  • Profession of Arms

    These past three months serving as your new command chief have been very busy ones! I know that a lot of movements have happened; many of you are in different locations and working out of temporary offices. The wing leadership appreciates all the continued logistics, positive attitudes, patience,

  • Change

    Change is usually something most people fear.  The vast majority of humans like things to stay the same..."don't rock the boat".  As airmen, we are in the minority because the Air Force was built on change. The technological changes that surround flight since the early 1900's have been truly