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The 102nd Intelligence Wing Recruiting & Retention Team


Master. Sgt. Kevin O'Brien
Recruiting Flight Chief
(508) 737-2703

Master Sgt. Dave Rogissart
Retention Office Manager
(774) 392-0425

Tech. Sgt. Timothy Thorpe
Eastern MA Recruiter
(508) 439-7836


Tech. Sgt. Alexander Duff
Easter MA Recruiter


Tech. Sgt. Dennis King
Eastern MA Recruiter
(413) 454-4381


Tech. Sgt. Sean Johnson
Eastern MA Recruiter









Part-Time Careers Opportunities

To learn more about specific jobs available and to see if you qualify, text or call one of our recruiters today!

Benefits Include:

100% Free Tuition and Fees to any Massachusetts State School 

Cash Bonuses up to $20,000 for select careers

Montgomery GI Bill for Students - Full time $392/mo, 3/4 time $293/mo, 1/2 time $195/mo, less than 1/2 time $98/mo

Low Cost Medical, Dental and Life Insurance