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  • Life Maintenance

    In The Breakwater on Elk Creek (1), author G. E. Wallace tells about a young man named George Jennings who was hired to build a breakwater. It seems the owner of a summer home on Elk Creek commissioned George to construct a breakwater to prevent his land from getting washed away in the event of a

  • Religious Liberty

    You have probably seen or heard about recent stories circulating on the Internet regarding Department of Defense policy on religious freedom in the military. According to these stories, policy is changing so that military members who share their faith and beliefs with others will be court-martialed.

  • A Busy Summer on Cape Cod

    Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) - This base is going to be crowded and busy this Summer!Gone are the days where this wing has "downtime" or is having a "normal year". Since April 1, 2008, we've stood up as the 102nd Intelligence Wing our unit has been converting, training and building to our new

  • Strength for the Journey

    As I drove home following State Active Duty for the Boston Marathon Bombing Response I passed the Hopkinton exit on the highway. I thought to myself how that starting point for the Marathon was also the starting point for the leg of life's journey we had all travelled since Patriots' Day. I've spent

  • The Future of the 102nd Air Operations Group

    Everyone in the 102nd Intelligence Wing was shocked when news came in the spring of 2012 that the 102nd Air Operations Group was being cut as part of the President's 2013 Budget (PB13). The National Guard Bureau (NGB) had agreed with the Air Force's decision to cut 5,100 Air National Guardsmen and

  • Changing Times, Challenging Times

    I have always embraced change - change is good! I've always seen it as an opportunity rather than a bother. Medicine is never static, each new development advancing how healthcare is managed and delivered. I suppose that's one reason I was drawn toward military nursing as a young adult - the wonder

  • Crisis

    Many years ago a publication called Pitch Weekly reported a high-speed train was en route from Paris, France, to Toulouse when the emergency stop system was engaged. An immediate investigation was undertaken to ascertain the cause for the alarm. As it turned out, an unidentified man had pulled one

  • Leadership perspectives

    This is my first article for the Seagull and I am deeply honored to be writing it as the new Mission Support Group Commander. As many of you may know, I spent the vast majority of my career in the Security Forces Squadron as both an enlisted member and as an officer. What I have been enjoying most

  • What's Necessary?

    This time of year many faith traditions celebrate holy days, and most families celebrate some or all of the holidays. There's a story in my faith tradition that always comes to my mind this time of year. The story is about a dinner party two sisters were called on to throw, for very important

  • 30 years of email and 30 years of bad habits

    Some individuals and organizations treat email and instant messaging in ways that go against the grain of what it should be used for: to communicate in a slower, more permanent form without using the phone or in person. It's not a replacement for the phone or face-to face (F2F), and it's not a means