Your CCAF Degree

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Doug Shvonski
  • 102d Base Education Training Manager
During fiscal year 2011 22 Community College of the Air Force Associates Degrees were earned by members of the 102nd Intelligence Wing. Frequently I am asked by wing members about their degree requirements and how to update their progress. CCAF degree requirements are tracked in your CCAF progress report which you may access through the AF Portal home page. Located under the heading 'Education/Training/Force Development' is a hyperlink to the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC). Once in this site, under Self Service, select the link 'CCAF View Progress Report'. Click on the title of your degree. Contained within the 'Degree Requirements' section of your progress report are blue hyper links that provide information regarding courses that meet the criteria for award of credits. Typically members will earn the majority of their technical requirements following completion of their 3-skill level coursework and CDC. Management credits are awarded following the completion of Professional Military Education. Listed in your Student Record you will find details of all military and civilian education and how your coursework was applied to your degree requirements.

The remainder of your coursework must be completed via civilian college or DANTES/CLEP examination. College transcripts must be received directly from colleges by CCAF for award of credit. Have your college forward your transcripts to: CCAF/DESS, 100 South Turner BLVD, Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL 36114-3011. Members who would like to complete their requirements via CLEP may contact Mr. James McLoughlin in the Coast Guard Education Office, (508) 968-6440, to arrange an exam.

Your Unit Education and Training Manager can assist with questions regarding CCAF. You may also access the Student Handbook contained within your web progress report. CCAF course catalogs are maintained in the Base Education and Training Office. Please remember to provide the Base Education and Training Manager with a copy of your civilian transcript for updates to your education record in MILPDS. This action will populate your education data on your personnel RIP. CCAF degrees are automatically updated in your record upon graduation. Please feel free to contact Senior Master Sgt. Doug Shvonski, (508) 968-4189,, with questions.