July Commander's Cup: F1 Racing

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Martin Richard
  • 102nd Air Operations Group
July 12 was the July Commander's Cup Event at F1 Outdoors in East Bridgewater. Racers from all over the wing gathered to cheat death at speeds of almost 50 miles per hour (well some almost went 50 mph!!) Special thanks to F1 Outdoors for the generous military discount they offered to the Wing to make this tremendously fun even happen!

The Commander's Cup Racing Event consisted of an 8 lap practice, an 8 lap qualifying round and a 10 lap Championship Race. For the Cup, points were awarded based on your finishing position. One additional bonus point was added for the driver with the fastest lap, the fastest top speed, and if you were the Wing Commander participating in your final commander's cup event.

Here are the results:

First Place: AOG (60 points)
Second Place: MSG/Summer Hires (22 Points) Third Place: Combat Comm (20 Points) Fourth Place: Wing/Med Group: (19 Points) Fifth Place: DGS (18 Points)

The Bonus Points went to:
Fastest Lap: Rylan Richard (MSG/Summer Hires): 57.977 Seconds (average for the race was 1:06.700) Top Speed: Rylan Richard (MSG/Summer Hires): 49.67 MPH (average was 43.18 MPH) Wing Commander participating in final Commander's Cup: Kimo Schiavi

If you would like to have your own print out of the raw results, they are in the Wing Commander's Office - see Master Sgt. Andrea Burgo!

Here are the results from the Championship Race:
1) Rylan Richard
2) Gary Cundiff
3) Tim Estep
4) Anthony Schiavi
5) Sean Kierman
6) Jeffrey Booker
7) Martin Richard
8) Joey Johansen
9) Frank Aflague
10) Brian Joyce
11) Billy Booker
12) Luiz Vincentini
13) Zach Benton
14) Sean McDonough
15) Jeff Campbell

Thanks to all who raced, and special thanks from me for being a class act at F1 Outdoors!