102nd Medical Group Airmen train at MBTA Emergency Training Center

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Thomas Swanson

The 102nd Medical Group, Detachment 1, is always ready for emergencies. As members of the Homeland Response Force, the team is prepared to respond to any potential incident in New England.  Part of this readiness is intensive, scenario-based training, such as that provided at the state of the art Paul S. MacMillan MBTA Emergency Training Center in Boston. The center provides an extremely realistic environment that includes environmental challenges such as smoke and darkness, as well as the alarming sound effects of screaming people and explosions blared over large speakers in the facility.

Unit commander, Lt. Col. Robert Driscoll said, “It’s a world class training environment. Today we’re practicing for a chemical attack on a subway.”

Medics honed their skills using all of their protective equipment and practicing their emergency medical response skills. Training such as this is critical in ensuring our National Guard first responders are prepared for any kind of disaster.