202nd Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group

Vision Statement:

To train and retain dedicated professional Airmen, in order to build a cadre of credible and trusted cyber intelligence analysts, for the Total Force and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Federal Mission:

Facilitate recruitment, training, and sustainment of a Cyber ISR analysts and support staff reserve force.

State Mission:

Manage personnel mobilizations in support of domestic Incident Awareness and Assessment (IAA) and emergency response within the Commonwealth.

Force Structure or Organization:

The 202 ISRG is comprised of over 190 military and civilian personnel.  There are three Squadrons within the Group: 202d Intelligence Support Squadron, 203rd Intelligence Squadron, and the 267th Intelligence Squadron. Additionally, the Group support staff consists of a Command Support Staff section, Special Security Office, and a Standards and Evaluation section. The workforce of the 202 ISRG is a unique blend of local community, regional, and national team members with diversified backgrounds. 202nd Guardsman hail from various civilian walks of life, as well as many prior active duty and reserve service career fields. Personnel and career skills diversity is the foundation of the 202 ISRG.

Functions and Capabilities:

The 202 ISRG is charged with recruiting, training, and sustaining a reserve force of Cyber ISR analysts and support staff capable of augmenting and contributing to global DoD Cyber ISR operations. Group Personnel currently conduct analytical operations and research providing finished Cyber ISR products and direct support for consumers across multiple agencies and Combatant Commands. The focus of the 202nd is to enable DoD cross-domain operations through reserve readiness and Digital Network Intelligence exploitation. Our goal is to ensure leaders and warfighters maintain an information advantage as US forces prosecute military operations around the globe. We are called upon for state and federal support.


In 2016, the 202 ISRG was activated under the 102d Intelligence Wing (102IW), formally 102 Fighter Wing, as one of several newly activated ANG Cyber Groups across the Nation as part of the DoD Cyber Strategy Initiative. The 102IW has a long history of domestic and federal involvement spanning a century from pre-World War I efforts to the current Global War on Terrorism. The 202nd Cyber ISR mission nicely aligns with the historic beginnings of the 102IW rooted in cutting edge technologies and battlefield observation. The 202nd was activated on July 1, 2016, and is working toward Initial Operating Capability slated for 2019, with plans to achieve Full Operational Capability by 2020.