102nd Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group

Vision Statement:

To be recognized as the Air National Guard’s premier Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group, universally recognized and respected for performance and reputation.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Distributed Ground Station-MA is to provide world-class, operationally integrated, multi-domain intelligence to warfighters, supported leaders and combatant commanders around the world.

Federal Mission:

When federally activated, DGS-MA provides 24/7/365 near-real-time exploitation and analysis of U-2 Dragon Lady & RQ-4 Global Hawk High Altitude ISR missions and MQ-9 Reaper Medium Altitude missions. One hundred percent of DGS-MA’s Medium Altitude crews exploiting Full Motion Video (FMV) sensors are certified to execute both Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Sensor Tasking Authority (STA) missions. DGS-MA also provides Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) production and analysis in support of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) under an “operations incidental to training” construct. 

State Mission:

The 102 ISRG is one of 12 ANG Unclassified Processing, Analysis, & Dissemination (U-PAD) sites, supporting the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and surrounding states with Title 32 personnel during domestic operations (DOMOPs) with Information Awareness and Assessment (IAA) capabilities, typically in response to natural disasters.

Force Structure or Organization:

The 102 ISRG is a subordinate unit of the 102nd Intelligence Wing (ACC), Otis ANGB, Mass. And is the parent organization for the 101st Intelligence Squadron, 102nd Intelligence Support Squadron and the 102nd Operations Support Squadron.  Operationally, DGS-MA falls under the 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing located at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia. The Distributed Ground Station is comprised of more than 370 assigned military and civilian Airmen and contractors.

Functions and Capabilities

The Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) is the Air Force's primary intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance planning and direction, collection, processing and exploitation, analysis and dissemination weapon system.  The DCGS is currently composed of regionally aligned, globally networked sites. The sites have varying levels of capability and capacity to support the intelligence needs of the warfighter. One of these components is Digital Ground Station-Massachusetts. DGS-MA, under the control of the 102nd Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group, is a multi-intelligence processing, exploitation and dissemination node within AF DCGS, providing 24/7 capacities. In addition, DGS-MA operates a high-altitude capacity providing U-2 and RQ-4 missions and also provides defense support to civilian authorities such as the Federal and Massachusetts Emergency Management Agencies (FEMA and MEMA) with our UPAD mission during national and regional emergencies and domestic operations.


Airmen of the 102 ISRG have provided world-class analysis, exploitation, and intelligence products, both deployed and from home station, since initial operating capability in the summer of 2009. With high retention and reenlistment rates, the 102 ISRG maintains a cadre of combat-experienced intelligence operators, instructors, evaluators, communications maintenance, and support personnel poised to support federal tasking at a moment’s notice.