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The Chevrons podcast endeavors to gather valuable experience and information from notable individuals from across the spectrum of the enlisted force. From junior enlisted to senior leaders and those in between, we will address everyday challenges and hurdles the enlisted force faces. Our guests are welcome to impart their experience, knowledge and philosophy onto our audience – the enlisted force.

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Audio by Timothy Sandland

The Seagull - Ep 021 - March 2023

  • 102nd Intelligence Wing
  • March 3, 2023 | 46:56

This month’s show features a discussion with members of the local chapter of Toastmasters. We hear a clip from our other podcast, Chevrons, where we spend some time with a panel of prior enlisted company grade officers who tell us why they decided to jump from stripes to bars and what their experience was like and how it's been since they made the transition. In honor of Women’s History Month, we'll learn about Frances Fortune Grimes, a Women's Airforce Service Pilot who served right here at Otis. We also asked some of our Airmen what mentorship meant to them and to get advice on finding the right person to fill that role in your career. First up, we hear the March Command Message where Colonel Enrique Dovalo, commander of the 102nd Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group talks about creating your own luck and using the ingredients of openness, preparation, flexibility and generosity to maximize your odds of success.