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  • By the 102nd Intelligence Wing Public Affairs office
The Air Guardsmen of the 102nd Intelligence Wing are in the fight every day. They deploy to the Middle East, train at several CONUS locations, and operate a 24/7 ISR mission. Despite their rigorous schedule, Massachusetts Guardsmen were still able to prepare and pass a major inspection focusing on processes and documentation.

Representing a variety of functional areas, a team of 39 inspectors from Air Combat Command (ACC), a team of 11 inspectors from Air Force ISR Agency (AFISRA), and 9 inspectors from the Global Strike Command came to Otis ANGB to ensure the 102nd Intelligence Wing is mission ready, which people of the unit proved beyond question.

CIs, which used to be called UCIs, are conducted to assess areas mandated by law as well as mission areas that are critical or important to the health and performance of an organization and to help standardize the way the Air Force conducts operations across the board, including active duty, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard. The inspection was based on Air Force Instructions, local, state, federal, and Department of Defense requirements.

Leading the ACC inspection team was Col. Robert Craig. Through his experience he has found that it is an inspector's job to not just inspect and write reports, but also to teach and educate Airmen across the globe how to better do their jobs. "These inspections are a tool for commanders to provide insight and give them areas to improve on," says Craig.

During the out brief, Col. Craig expressed "The overall impression is that this is a very strong, highly motivated and well-lead organization; which is clearly evident in the presentation of the 102nd Intel Wing programs. Wing discipline is clearly reflected with a 99% overall compliance rating".

Col. Rob Spitznagel, AFISRA Team Chief, highlighted his inspection results as "the best seen by his IG team in the past year."

Preparations and logistical support started back in 2010 with a CI preparation team which had representation from every 102nd Group. Preparation included an assessment of compliance within each functional area, and logistical planning for the actual CI inspection. Bi-weekly updates to the command staff were performed, allowing every unit to brief on their compliance status. This was the 102nd's first Compliance Inspection since its re-designation as an Intelligence Wing in 2008.

Lt. Col. Tim Gordon, Wing Inspector General, who assisted in the planning and coordination of the inspection, pointed out that "The next challenge will be to maintain an emphasis on compliance while continuing the mission after the inspection team leaves".

Mother Nature also threw a curve ball at the wing when a rare October snow storm resulted in the governor declaring a state of emergency for western Massachusetts resulting in the activation of the National Guard, including members of the 102nd Intelligence Wing.

"We took it all in stride and were able to provide important forces to the governor and aid our fellow citizens while still focusing on and completing this important inspection," said Col Anthony Schiavi, 102nd Intelligence Wing Commander, "This clearly validates the high degree of professionalism and dedication that exists within the members of the 102d Intelligence Wing."