102nd Security Forces Squadron

Vision Statement: “Create and foster a diverse, cohesive, and meritocratic warrior culture through mutual respect, dedication to duty and personal accountability – resulting in an effective, lethal team that employs adaptive and innovative integrated defense strategies in support of Air Force operations.”

Mission Statement

Federal Mission:  The 102nd Security Forces Squadron home-station mission is to secure and protect all 102nd Intelligence Wing missions, personnel, and resources through the tenacious pursuit of Integrated Defense desired effects.  Our deployed mission is to provide agile combat support capability to our MAJCOM by fielding teams of technically and tactically proficient 21st Century Air National Guard Security Forces Airmen; fully prepared and possessing a strategic mindset.

State Mission:  The 102nd Security Forces Squadron state mission is to provide highly trained and professional military police personnel in support of civilian law enforcement operations within the Commonwealth; ready to protect and serve at a moment’s notice.

Force Structure/Organization

The squadron is comprised of approximately 100 military and civilian personnel.  Sections within the squadron include Operations, Combat Arms, Logistics, Force Protection Intelligence, Electronic Security Systems, Training and Standards and Evaluations, Plans and Programs, and the Anti-terrorism Office. 
The squadron is the largest subordinate unit within the 102nd Mission Support Group, the only one with a 24/7 mission, and has the highest domestic operations and Air Expeditionary Force operations tempo in the group as well.

Functions and Capabilities

The squadron’s primary mission is police services and force protection at Otis Air National Guard Base.  Due to enduring partnerships both on and off base, as well as organic capabilities; the Base Defense Operations Center also serves as the command and control focal point for all police services and force protection operations on Joint Base Cape Cod.


History: Originally stood up in the 1960s with the 102nd Fighter Wing, the unit was converted from a “flight” to a “squadron” in the late 1980s.  During the Air Force-wide restructure in the early 1990s, the squadron’s manpower was increased to meet NORAD Security Police deployment requirements.  Driven by changes within the Security Forces career field in the late 1990s, the squadron was converted from a North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) weapons system, security-deployed mission (flight line-centric), to a general-purpose, air-base-defense deployed mission (base tactical perimeter outwards). This significantly changed the squadron’s training and weapons qualification requirements and lead to significantly higher operational demands.   

Deployments: The squadron has been on a constant mobilization schedule since September 11, 2001, with more than 20 partial mobilizations (and counting) in support of Operations Northern Watch, Southern Watch, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, New Dawn, Inherent Resolve, Linda Rhino, and Freedom Sentinel.
Awards: 2010 Iraq Campaign Streamer, 1977 Headquarters Air Force Outstanding Security Police Reserve Unit, 1977 Air Defense Command Outstanding Security Police Reserve Unit, numerous MAJCOM inspection awards.