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Leaders of the Otis Microgrid project pose for a photo following the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Otis Microgrid ribbon-cutting

The 102nd Intelligence Wing hosted a number of civilian and military leaders for the unveiling of the Otis Microgrid, a DoD funded energy project that will provide for an energy capability almost exclusively based on renewable energy while ensuring a high-level of grid security. Among those in attendance were Massachusetts Representative William Keating, Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Matthew Beaton and keynote speaker, John W. Henderson, the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Energy. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was the culmination of nearly three years of work. Over 300 people from 30 agencies were responsible for the design, planning and implementation of the project which represents the Air National Guard and United States Air Force’s commitment to energy resilience and security.

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