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The Chevrons podcast endeavors to gather valuable experience and information from notable individuals from across the spectrum of the enlisted force. From junior enlisted to senior leaders and those in between, we will address everyday challenges and hurdles the enlisted force faces. Our guests are welcome to impart their experience, knowledge and philosophy onto our audience – the enlisted force.

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Audio by Timothy Sandland, Senior Airman Francesca Skridulis

Chevrons - Ep 011 - Proceed Until Apprehended

  • 102nd Intelligence Wing
  • April 29, 2022 | 54:04

Chief Master Sgt. Alex Gross, the Total Force Awareness Manager with the Air Force Directorate of Staff Integration at The Pentagon, and Staff Sgt. Julianne ‘MELD’ Sharon, an intelligence analyst at the 104th Fighter Wing, Barnes ANGB, Massachusetts, share their first-hand experiences becoming and developing multi-capable Airmen, and advise on how integrating the Air Force components can help us better accomplish the mission.

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