UEI Capstone - Are you ready?

  • Published
  • By Colonel Sean Riley, 102nd Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group Commander
  • 102nd Intelligence Wing

As you read this article, the wing is less than 60 days away from an Air Combat Command Unit Effectiveness Inspection.

Our UEI will occur from April 3 – 6, 2020, and is designed to validate the overall effectiveness of the 102nd Intelligence Wing. It’s important to keep in mind that the Air Force Inspection System is continuous cycle of self-assessment and inspections with the primary goal to strengthen and improve the unit. Validation of successful AFIS implementation occurs on a 4-year cycle, culminating with a Capstone inspection.

Our last inspection was in May 2018, and since then, the wing has been continuously evaluated by our wing Inspector General team and National Guard Bureau. ACC IG will prepare for our Capstone UEI by conducting a virtual review of requested deliverables, units’ Management Internal Control Toolset self-assessment communicators, SharePoint pages, and documentation uploaded into the Inspector General Evaluation Management System. ACC IG’s virtual assessment will shape their on-site inspection strategy. So essentially, the UEI is just a snapshot in the “photo-album” of continuous evaluation and improvement of AFIS.

The main goal of the Capstone UEI is to identify areas of undetected noncompliance and risk across the wing. ACC IG will highlight these risk areas and “bin” them into the four Major Graded Areas  or MGAs; Managing Resources, Improving the Unit, Leading People and Executing the Mission. You can use the acronym MILE as a quick way to remember the four MGAs. They will review each of the MGAs to ensure that the 102nd has the right mix of personnel, resources and training to effectively execute our wartime tasking. Any deficiencies identified by the ACC IG Team will be discussed with wing leadership during the team’s out-brief, and the ACC IG team will publish the final UEI report once they leave Otis ANG Base.

I was fortunate enough to be able to observe the 181st Intelligence Wing’s UEI during their drill weekend last September. The 181 IW has similar mission sets, so their inspection should be pretty close to what we can expect. When I arrived at the unit on Thursday afternoon the ACC IG team was already in place. The team chief, leads and wing leadership held their in-brief early on Friday morning and by 0800, the inspection was in full swing. Over 50 inspectors fanned out across the 181 IW and began reviewing how the MGAs applied to every group and squadron. By Saturday afternoon most of the ACC IG team had concluded their evaluations and began writing their initial findings. Some ACC inspectors returned to different units and asked follow up questions or requested additional information.  The ACC IG team finished up on Monday and departed the 181 IW.

You can expect a similar “battle-rhythm” for our UEI Capstone. The ACC IG Team is scheduled to arrive on Thursday, April 2. Col. McNulty is planning his in-brief, bright and early, on Friday morning. Units can expect to have the IG team in their work areas immediately following the in-brief. So as the wing fills to full strength on the Saturday morning, the UEI will be well under way.

You shouldn’t treat the April drill differently from any other RSD. It’s important for the ACC IG Team to see how the wing actually conducts its mission. You should pay attention to dress and appearance and make sure you use proper customs and courtesies. If you see inspectors wearing ACC IG badges don’t avoid them, ask if they need any help and don’t be afraid to engage them in conversation. Additionally, the ACC IG Team will speak to Airmen from across the wing during Airmen-to-IG Sessions. ATIS can be conducted in small groups or on an individual basis. If you are selected to participate in an ATIS, you will likely be asked about your perception of the wing’s mission and culture. Please sure to provide honest and constructive feedback.

Finally, during the February drill, please take a few minutes to complete the ACC IG, UEI Survey. Col. McNulty sent out instructions via email on January 14 or you can find an app button on the 102 IW IG SharePoint page.

With everyone’s effort and hard work the wing will be more than ready for the ACC IG to assess our compliance, readiness and discipline this April.