The 102nd IW Commander's Environmental Commitment Statement

  • Published
  • By Col. David V. McNulty, Commander
  • 102nd Intelligence Wing

The 102 IW and all tenants of Otis Air National Guard Base are committed to being environmentally responsible. The 102 IW conducts its mission(s) with an eye toward protecting human health, natural resources, and the environment. The 102 IW will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental laws, regulations, Executive Orders, and U.S. Air Force instructions applicable to its mission(s). The 102 IW will strive for continual improvement in its environmental performance and integrate sound environmental practices into daily decisions and activities.

In pursuit of responsible environmental stewardship, the 102 IW will:

  • Promote conservation and sustainable use of natural and man-made materials;
  • Minimize and strive to prevent environmental pollution and waste in all its activities and design processes;
  • Ensure that all policies, programs, and missions reflect 102 IW concerns;
  • Provide environmental updates to 102 IW leadership;
  • Establish goals, review progress, and strive for continued improvement in environmental performance above and beyond regulatory and legislative requirements; and
  • Promote waste minimization and pollution prevention.

Compliance with this Environmental Commitment Statement is mandatory for all personnel on Otis Air National Guard Base in accordance with our roles and responsibilities as Airmen, base tenants, and contracted services.