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  • Big Changes in Professional Military Education

    Two very important changes to enlisted force development are about to occur. First, the Air Force is about to revolutionize Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME). EPME-Next completely transforms the delivery of EPME. This new delivery method will be a combination of self-paced

  • Leadership and Followership

    In every military unit, leadership and followership are extremely critical to accomplish the mission. First, let's take a look at the definition of these words. The definition of leadership is "the ability to guide, direct, or influence people." The definition of followership is the "fact of being a

  • A PEP talk

    Football season is upon us. Now that the referee situation is sorted out we should be able to focus on what happens on the field without distraction. Although, experience tells us other side issues will arise. Questionable on-field actions and off-the-field activities by players or coaches will

  • Families provide critical support for mission success

    During the September Unit Training Assembly (UTA) weekend we will pause to celebrate our families and the critical role they play in our success. Even though many of our family members do not wear the uniform they are vital to what we do as individuals and collectively as a wing. The support they

  • Be the Pig

    I am sure some of you read the title and are asking, "Is this guy crazy? Who wants to be a pig?"The point I will attempt to make can pay big dividends on both your personal development and unit success. But, I need to start with a few questions. Do you understand the difference between contribution

  • 'Attitude Adjustment'

    I once received a phone call at the police station from a community member who was, to say the least, disgruntled. Before I said hello he launched into an obscenity-laced, high volume diatribe about an injustice committed against him. He made it very clear how he felt, and how angry he was that I

  • Escaping from the 'Box'

    I recently attended the National Guard Bureau Executive Safety Summit in Milwaukee, Wis., along with other 102nd commanders, our chaplain corps and safety team. We listened to several briefers, both great and not so great, on a variety of safety issues to include traditional aviation safety, driving

  • Spiritual Resiliency

    I have spent a lot of time in the last year or so thinking about spiritual resiliency and trying to avoid locking it into traditional, stereotypic definitions and configurations. Because the territory of spiritual resiliency covers all religions and non-religious moral and ethical beliefs, the

  • Commander's Comments: From the Desk of the Command Chief Master Sgt.

    By the time you read this article we will be within forty five days of our Unit Compliance Inspection. You should all be familiar with the inspection process and more importantly know your role. Although you may not be directly responsible for a particular program, you play an important part in the