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The more things change, the more they stay the same

MASSACHUSETTS -- Recently, we recruiters decided to revive our quarterly column in the Seagull. Most of you are probably thinking, "When did the recruiters ever have a column in the Seagull?" Let's just say that it's been so long, many members were probably still in either high school or junior high and would have no recollection of this (the thought of this is just another reminder that I'm getting old). We feel the column is a great way to communicate with unit members to provide insight on benefits, initiatives, and incentives. I drew the short straw for this quarter, so here goes.

I know what many of you are thinking....the title of this column is usually used in a negative light. But I felt there was a way to look at it in a positive way as well. Much has changed at the 102nd since I joined the Recruiting Office back in 2003, with the biggest change being the transition from a Fighter Wing to an Intelligence Wing. Changes within our own office have been constant; our recruiting office is now off-base at two separate storefront locations; our office has almost doubled in the amount of recruiters we have (welcome aboard Tech. Sgt. Kevin O'Brien and Staff Sgt. Rhon Salmon); recruiters have come and gone, and many of our processes have gone the automated route.

Yes, a lot has changed in the recruiting world. There is, however, one thing that will stay the same, and that will not change: our commitment to providing our applicants with unequaled customer service, not only during the enlistment process, but afterwards as well. Many of you will recall on enlistment day, I told each of you that the recruiter/applicant partnership does not end when you swear in. Well, I meant that. It will continue on throughout your enlistment. The trust and rapport that we strive to build with each applicant is as much for us as it is for the individual. It truly is a partnership, and is not something we take for granted.

Our success in the future relies on us being successful here in the present when it comes to working together with our applicants. It is a core tenet in our office, and is a trait we strive to instill into our new recruiters as well.

More change will come at us as time goes by. But I can promise you that always providing the best customer service for applicants will stay the same.

That's a promise.