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New USAF Connect App helps families at the 102nd IW

The diagram shows how to access the Request Help Tool in the wing's USAF Connect App using 3 images of each screen.

The 102nd Intelligence Wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard utilizes the USAF Connect App to facilitate assistance for family members of deployed Airmen. The diagram shows how to access the Request Help Tool in the wing's USAF Connect App.

Otis Air National Guard Base, Mass. --

As Guardsmen, we’re a close knit family and able to lean on one another in times of need. When we’re deployed some of us could potentially face challenges at home and our families may need a helping hand in our absence. The 102nd Intelligence Wing’s new USAF Connect App has a feature designed to help family members of deployed Airmen in non-emergency situations to request assistance when difficult unforeseen circumstances arise. As always, in case of emergency, call your local emergency services, or dial 911.

The new USAF Connect App allows users to contact members of wing leadership to notify them that there’s a wing family or family member with a problem at home.

Once you have downloaded the USAF Connect App from your smartphone’s app store you’ll be asked to choose the 102nd Intelligence Wing from a dropdown menu. From there you’ll be brought to the USAF Connect App homepage where you can find a variety of general Air Force information. You’ll need to click “Favorites” in the lower right hand corner to access the 102nd Intelligence Wing homepage. Once there you’ll see a number of useful custom features including the “Request Help” tool at the top.

Airmen and their families should take advantage of the USAF Connect App as a source of relevant information and also as a way to reach out to the rest of the military family at Otis Air National Guard Base, particularly during mobilizations and deployments.

The 102nd Intelligence Wing cares about all Airmen and their families and wants do what it can to provide assistance during times of need.

Our new USAF Connect App makes it easy to ask for help.